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BodyTalk can offer immense support in soothing a stressed nervous system, shifting physical symptoms, and softening the emotional strain of every day living in extraordinary times.
Please explore this site to find information and the healing supports we offer to individuals, groups, organizations and community.
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Hi, I'm Jen!

I have worked with healing ways for about 30 years, and am constantly mystified by the human experience... the incredible gifts that lie within us, the creative ways we help ourselves manage in this world, and the gorgeous unwinding that is possible as we come back to remember the beauty of who we are.

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We do our Best to Walk in Service of Community...

Please check out who we are, and access our free and low-cost healing supports.

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Free Sessions - Holding Peace

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safe, kind, healing support... when you need it

Community members receive online group BodyTalk sessions... available to anyone, at anytime, at a fraction of the cost of a single in-person session.
  1. Live sessions are conducted online every Thursday (alternating daytimes and evenings)
  2. For those unable to join in live, recordings are posted in the group that can be used when convenient.
  3. At each gathering, we will work on a few randomly chosen live participants who best represent the needs of the group, and we all benefit from the shifts that happen in them.

Help for the Helpers

These group healing sessions are offered once every 2 months at no cost to Helpers who serve Indigenous community.

Often these Helpers are both supports to community, while also being part of community, which can add to the work.

It is with great heart, and great appreciation that this space is offered. Thank- you for what you do.

Previous sessions are available by recording. Our next gathering will be on Wednesday, April 6 at 7 pm.


Thank-you, to the incredible artist that is Shannon Paul, for the vision and creation of this beautiful image that speaks of our intent.

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"I was in the hospital with an infection that had gone to my kidneys… I was swollen, with a rash and high blood pressure, tests indicated kidney damage.

I had 3 BodyTalk sessions by distance over 3 days. All those symptoms cleared quickly, I was released much sooner than expected, and my next kidney test indicated no damage at all."


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