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Hi, I'm Jen... welcome to Energetic Explorations...

I have worked with healing ways for about 30 years, and am constantly mystified by the human experience... the incredible gifts that lie within us, the creative ways we help ourselves manage in this world, and the gorgeous unwinding that is possible as we come back to remember the beauty of who we are.

I welcome you to come in and explore this site and the offerings you will find here....

If something serves you... lovely. 



Please explore the links below...

You will find videos and online group opportunities to support your self-care through BodyTalk, information on the process of BodyTalk and what to expect in a personal session, testimonials, and upcoming courses for those wanting to pursue practicing this amazing healing pathway.

Cortices Videos for Your Own Self-Care

Video 1 - What is Cortices?

An explanation and a demonstration

Video 2 - A 3 minute demo of Cortices

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