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Hi, I'm Jen... welcome to Energetic Explorations...

I have worked with healing ways for about 30 years, and am constantly mystified by the human experience... the incredible gifts that lie within us, the creative ways we help ourselves manage in this world, and the gorgeous unwinding that is possible as we come back to remember the beauty of who we are.

I welcome you to come in and explore this site and the offerings you will find here....

If something serves you... lovely. 

In these unprecedented times..,

BodyTalk can offer immense support in soothing a stressed nervous system, shifting physical symptoms, and softening the emotional strain many of us are experiencing. Please use the free videos below, order a set of low-cost recorded sessions for foundational health, or access me for a personal distance session.

And most of all... be well!

Please explore this site...

You will find videos and online group opportunities to support your self-care through BodyTalk, information on the process of BodyTalk and what to expect in a personal or distance session, testimonials, and upcoming courses for those wanting to pursue practicing this amazing healing pathway.

This is a daily strengthening video session

It offers a daily self-care practice through the

BodyTalk Access routine that strengthens the whole body and immune system, and helps build capacity to cope with stress. There is also a part with a focus on lifting some of the load carried by the lungs.

It is a session that is open for anyone, you are welcome to share with your loved ones.

This video is intended to offer support if in a moment of emotional fear or panic.

While it seems to be simply an exercise in deep breathing and focusing, there are many BodyTalk supports running under the surface. to help calm that fear state and build capacity to cope. 

This video is not intended to replace medical care in the case of a medical emergency. Please contact 911 or your nearest hospital.


Maybe you have all the time in the world these days... maybe things are more challenging than you ever imagined.... 

Either way you can receive 4 weekly 1:1 BodyTalk sessions (by phone or online platform),  and get really moving over the month on an issue that you have the time, or the absolute necessity to tackle.

(Regular session rate $85)

Managing personal, family, or societal stress
Softening symptoms of high stress
Support for healthcare and other front line workers
Managing isolation, or those you are isolated with
Getting ahead on personal goals
Focus and attention to work at home
Managing physical health issues at home

Video 1 - Why Tap Out My Cortices?

Video 2 - A 3 minute demo of Cortices


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