The 7 Sacred Teachings in traditional Anishinabe culture are Respect, Love, Courage, Humility, Honesty, Wisdom and Truth. Each provides opportunity for positive and authentic conversation about the things in life that truly matter, and how to live in a good way. Jennifer can speak a little to how these Teachings have informed her perspective, and a little insight to individuals wanting to connect more deeply with them.

Healing Journey

Jen can help introduce Indigenous people to Teachings, talk about some Ceremonies, and offer support in one's own journey of personal or cultural discovery.

Aboriginal Perspectives for Indigenous People


Jen's experience with Indigenous Teachings and worldview has opened doors for personal healing, and she shares the little she understands with those with whom she works, whether Indigenous or not. She can offer some help to those wanting to engage with cultural Teachings, and is happy to support Indigenous healing ways or Ceremonies. 

7 Teachings

The Drum brings the heartbeat to unite humanity and help us remember our interconnectedness with all things. Each Drumbeat interrupts our set pattern of 'emotional dysfunction' so the more time we spend with the Drum, the more we heal.  

Sharing Circles
Colonization and Intergenerational Trauma

The impacts of trauma on the brain, socialization and epigenetics, and how we move forward from here are topics of deep personal interest for Jennifer.  She is happy to discuss these with individuals or groups.  

Seemingly simple in practice, but multi-faceted in their offerings, Sharing Circles are a wonderful and healthy way to listen to one another with presence. They offer perspective, and create sacred space for sharing one's story, listening and healing in community.

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