Aboriginal Perspectives for Your Organization


Whether you serve Indigenous populations, seek to incorporate Aboriginal Perspectives in your programming or would like support in cultural understanding and building relationship with this populations, Jennifer can offer insight and guidance in several areas.

Cultural Competency

Your staff may benefit from hearing about Teachings, asking questions and developing competencies to help them appropriately include supports that align well with an Indigenous worldview. 

7 Teachings

The 7 Sacred Teachings in traditional Anishinabe culture are Respect, Love, Courage, Humility, Honesty, Wisdom and Truth. Each provides opportunity for positive and authentic conversation about the things in life that truly matter. Jennifer can effectively speak to, and guide 7 Teachings programming for organizations.

Sharing Circles

Seemingly simple in practice, but multi-faceted in their offerings, Sharing Circles are a wonderful and healthy way to listen to one another with presence. They offer perspective, and create sacred space for sharing one's story, listening and healing in community.


The Drum brings the heartbeat to unite humanity and help us remember our interconnectedness with all things. Each Drumbeat interrupts our set pattern of 'emotional dysfunction' so the more time we spend with the Drum, the more we heal.  

Colonization and
Intergenerational Trauma

The impacts of trauma on the brain, socialization and epigenetics, and how we move forward from here are topics of deep personal interest for Jennifer. Invite her to come and connect with your staff on these topics. BodyTalk, Ceremony, creating environments which enhance authentic Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity, and honouring the whole of where an individual and family come from ALL work to counter these impacts. 

Working with
Indigenous People

Indigenous people present needs, gifts, and realities that are reflective of their cultural history and generations of colonial rule. Working effectively with this population often requires shifting on the part of organizations to truly 'meet' these individuals and learn how to walk together.  

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