Indigenous Perspectives


 Jennifer has over 10 years of direct experience designing very successful classroom and school-wide Indigenous-based programming. She has seen this programming have an impact on overall school climate, and lead to significant social and academic successess for Indigenous students.


The strength of this 10-year programming was in Jennifer's ability to weave in a worldview that centers around concepts of healing, integrate this with Indigenous Teachings, and present it in a fashion that is appropriate, nourishing, and inspiring within a school setting for all students of all backgrounds.  She has skills in many areas.  See below. 


The impacts of trauma on the brain, socialization and epigenetics, and how we move forward from here are topics of deep personal interest for Jennifer. Invite her to come and connect with your staff on these topics.  BodyTalk, Ceremony, creating environments which enhance authentic Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity, and honouring the whole of where a child and family come from ALL work to counter these impacts. 

7 Teachings

The 7 Sacred Teachings in traditional Anishinabe culture are Respect, Love, Courage, Humility, Honesty, Wisdom and Truth. Each provides opportunity for positive and authentic conversation about the things in life that truly matter. Jennifer can speak a little to how these Teachings have informed her perspective, give a little insight to individuals wanting to connect more deeply with them, and provide resources for 7 Teachings programming for schools.

The Drum brings the heartbeat to unite humanity and help us remember our interconnectedness with all things. There are Songs sung for the animal teachers of each Teaching. These Songs, and the intention with which they are sung, are carried all around the world and to all of life, planting seeds of beauty with which to shape our world. 

Walking in relationship with families is important in redefining our roles and intentions in educating Indigenous children. There are many gifts, strengths and pathways that we invite when we come know one another, and our humanity.

Seemingly simple in practice, but multi-faceted in their offerings, Sharing Circles are a wonderful and healthy way to listen to one another with presence, and speak with the intention of expressing our full hearts.  

Working with Indigenous Students
Sharing Circles
Walking with Families
Colonization and Intergenerational Trauma

Indigenous students present needs, gifts, and realities that are reflective of their cultural history and generations of colonial rule. Working effectively with these students often requires shifting on the part of educators to truly 'meet' these individuals and learn how to walk together.  Jennifer has skills for supporting  children, youth and adult learners.

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