Indigenous-Related Support Data


Over a period of 10 years, Jennifer led Aboriginal-focussed programming in a culturally diverse school serving grades K-8, within the context of her Student Services Teacher role. 


The declared Aboriginal population over this period averaged to about 14%. Regardless of the number, student and family needs consistently required significantly disproportionate Student Services, Administration and Clinical Services resources relative to other populations.


In 2009, after 5 years of Aboriginal-based programming, there was much 'anecdotal evidence' of increased comfort of Indigenous students and families in the school, but it did not yet play out in concrete measurable data.  At that point, an informal review was conducted to assess past, and predict future, completion rates of Aboriginal students in grade 8. The review predicted an approximate 50% completion rate.  Additional Aboriginal and cross-cultural programming was then enacted. 


That year, for the first time, and with a large group of Indigenous students, all grade 8 students completed the year.  Over the next 5 years, the completion rates held steady at 95-97%, with increased indicators of measurable academic success, for more students, each year.





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