How can BodyTalk help me?

BodyTalk is a consciousness-based form of health care that can be applied to an individual or group to support more balanced and harmonious functioning on all levels, reduce stress levels, and enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Through BodyTalk, one can address a huge variety of health issues, reactions to stressors, faulty beliefs or attitudes, personal or generational issues, and dynamics between members of a group, family, classroom or organization.  

This work takes place on a consciousness level within the client or group.  As there are changes in the inner consciousness, there tend to be changes in behaviour, expression of symptoms, and overall well-being. It does not require extensive discussion or 'therapy' on the issues to address imbalances and facilitate change. BodyTalk can be effectively applied as a 'non-talk' therapy for individuals with complex needs. 

Distance sessions follow a similar format, except that the client may sit or lay comfortably at home. The practitioner can still access the yes/no responses through a variety of techniques.

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BodyTalk for Personal Health

Through BodyTalk, one can address a vast array of health issues and concerns. As BodyTalk works on a 'consciousness level,' any changes made at that level have an impact on all others. Below are just a few areas where BodyTalk can support health and healing.

BodyTalk can serve to address countless concerns for all people.  It is a particularly helpful modality for Indigenous populations given the complex impacts of Residential Schools, and the many other forced assimilation practices they have endured.

BodyTalk provides a pathway where multiple parts of the self can be 'heard' at the same time, and interrelationships between 'events,' intergenerational trauma, beliefs, physical imbalances and personal gifts can be untangled.  

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What to expect during a BodyTalk session?

BodyTalk sessions are easy, safe and comfortable; they are done with the client fully clothed and comfortably seated or lying on a massage table. A BodyTalk session usually lasts between 15 and 45 minutes.

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My personal experience with BodyTalk has changed my life. Working with Jen has improved my anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive behaviours.  I feel more relaxed, happy and focused.  She has always made me feel comfortable during our sessions and I'm always amazed by the results.


BodyTalk In Schools

BodyTalk offers an incredibly gentle and efficient support for addressing the issues that lie beneath classroom conflict, unhealthy group dynamics, and teacher stress. In applying the consciousness principles of BodyTalk to group patterns of relating, it is possible to help create pathways for more harmonious relations and improved group functioning. BodyTalk can serve as a complement to any school-based program or intervention, and it can also stand alone as an effective means for addressing classroom or school needs.

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BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Access is based on the comprehensive foundation of the BodyTalk System. Several of the most powerful balancing techniques of the BodyTalk System have been adapted for use by the individual in the home, school, or work environment. These five techniques along with the Fast Aid routine, work together as a set to balance the body in very general ways. Even though the balancing is general, the effects are frequently immediately noticeable.

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