BodyTalk: Health and Wellbeing for Indigenous People


BodyTalk can serve to address countless concerns for all people.  It is a particularly helpful modality for  Indigenous populations given the complex impacts of Residential Schools, and the many other 'forced assimilation' practices they have endured.


BodyTalk provides a pathway where multiple parts of the self can be 'heard' at the same time, and interrelationships between 'events,' intergenerational trauma, beliefs, physical imbalances and personal gifts can be untangled.  


BodyTalk can offer direct support for issues of intergenterational stress and trauma, and the related, and complex, physiological impacts of such.


See Aboriginal Testimonials for some examples from Jen's BodyTalk practice.

BodyTalk can help with mental well-being in many ways. It can calm the impact of daily or long-term stressors, soften the experience of one's fears or phobias, neutralize stressful memories, and support a person in experiencing their world as kinder or friendlier. It can help slow one's stress reactions to create room to choose how to respond to triggering events. BodyTalk can also support learning issues in kids or adults.

BodyTalk can help lighten the load received through your parents and grandparents. Did you know that it is possible to carry a grandparent's unresolved emotions, their stresses, limiting beliefs, and character traits as well as their eye colour, sensitivity, or tendency to diabetes?  BodyTalk can help to balance inherited challenges while enhancing inherited strengths.

Mental Wellness and Learning
Physical Health

Physical ailments, no matter how complex, can be supported through BodyTalk, and many instances of significant change have been reported from BodyTalk sessions. BodyTalk is a very gentle way of attending to physical issues, and it honours the impact of stressful events, built-up emotion and many other factors that are part of the story of an illness or injury.

BodyTalk can help re-balance relationships by working with the consciousness of the individuals involved and with the dynamics between people. Blocks to harmony can be removed, reactions to stressors can be softened, old hurts can be released, and intentions for more positive interaction can be supported. BodyTalk Group Matrix work can be very effective in supporting families, teams, classrooms, workplaces, or groups working towards shared goals (i.e. support groups or people on a path of study or personal development). 

BodyTalk can help balance one's experiences of sadness, grief, fear, worry or anger. It can release old emotions that have been held in the body from past experiences, freeing the individual up for more experiences of calm and happiness. As many physical ailmeints have some underlying emotional events, attention at this level also leads to improvements in physical health.

Emotional Health
The Human Microbiome
Intergenerational Impacts and Epigenetics
Inherited Factors

Science has now shown that the effects of trauma are passed down to the next generations, socially, physiologically and epigenetically. This is clearly seen with the offspring of Residential School Surviviors and those of the Holocaust. BodyTalk has specific tools for working with the Epigenetic impact of ancestral, cultural or historical traumas and can create positive shifts in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Dr. Laura Stuve, who teaches these skills, has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and worked on the Human Genome Project.

Since mapping of the Human Genome, Science is now uncovering the world of microbes that live on and in us. These microbes take care of many of our physiological process and partner with our immune system to keep us well. Through Dr. Stuve, BodyTalk has developed tools to work with the Microbiome which can help enhance our immunity, calm immune overreactions seen in allergies and intolerances, re-balance our flora following antibiotic use, and address many physical ailments from the gut to the skin. 

Sensory Issues

We experience life through our 5 physical senses, and 5 subtle senses. Stressors in fetal life, early life, or anywhere along the way can affect our 5 senses so that we become 'oversensitive' or 'undersensitive' to our surroundings.  It can also lead us to colour the world with 'the things we are used to, ' like hearing criticism in everyones words because you heard alot of criticism as a child. Imbalance in our 5 senses can lead us to miss signals, to misunderstand the  world around us, or become very overwhelmed. BodyTalk can help rebalance these 5 Senses ,  

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