BodyTalk for Your Organization


BodyTalk has many applications for organizations; both within, and in supporting your particular client-base.  See some examples below. 

Team Building

Through BodyTalk group matrix work, obstacles to communication can be addressed, group cohesion and confidence increased, as well as improvement to overall group fluidity and harmony.

Client Offerings

Consider adding BodyTalk to your client offerings. With it's many, many potential applications, BodyTalk can help your clients reach their personal or group goals more quickly. It is a particularly efficient modality for supporting high-need populations, those with health and wellness issues, and those with complex emotional needs or stressful historical realities.

Staff Development

Looking to grow target skills among your staff? BodyTalk can be easily applied to individuals or groups for skill development, and to advance shared goals. 

Working with High Need Populations

High need populations often face complex, multiple issues: cognitive or developmental delays, trauma, addiction, poverty, physical limitations or illness, to name a few. BodyTalk is an effective 'non-talk' therapy that can offer multi-faceted support for an individual or group. 

Staff Wellness
Working with
Indigenous People

There are impacts on a workplace when staff are 'down.' Staff can be gently and proactively supported in managing the demands of the job, processing personal or work-related events, and optimizing well-being so they are at the top of their game!

BodyTalk can offer incredible supports to Indigenous people, in supporting physical, mental, emotional, spiritiual and relational wellbeing. It can enhance one's healing journey, whether that be Traditional, Christian or secular in it's orientation. BodyTalk can offer direct support for issues of intergenterational stress and trauma, and the related physiological impacts of such.

Working with Families

Through BodyTalk group matrix work, families can be supported by reducing stress 'in the family system,' while supporting harmony, improved communication and healing between family members.

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