Upcoming BodyTalk Courses in Winnipeg!

Welcome to Dr. Tracey Clark who is coming to Winnipeg November 13 - 15, 2020

to present

Module 5: Applied Physiology and Lymphatic Drainage.

This course offers 2 incredible areas of learning. The applied physiology part of the course takes students deep into the area of 'more specific' and teaches practitioners how to simply navigate deep in to the tiny parts of organs, endocrines and body parts, and their associated physiology definitions. In BodyTalk, the more specific the practitioner can observe, the more impactful the session results. Tracey is an expert in the area of observation, having done a doctoral thesis on the role of the observer in healing.

The second part of this course teaches a method of lymphatic drainage that is unique to BodyTalk, and makes this practice available to any BodyTalk practitioner and their clients!

Even if you don't see yourself as a practitioner who is 'anatomy and physiology minded', the consciousness applications of this course are amazing and well worth it!

Module 5 is a gem within the BodyTalk System.



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