BodyTalk in Schools

BodyTalk offers an incredibly gentle and  efficient support for addressing the issues that lie beneath classroom conflict, unhealthy group dynamics, and teacher stress. In applying the consciousness principles of BodyTalk to group patterns of relating, it is possible to help create pathways for more harmonious relations and improved group functioning. BodyTalk can serve as a complement to any school-based program or intervention, and it can also stand alone as an effective means for addressing classroom or school needs.

Classroom Dynamics

Use BodyTalk to support students in working together, to address how students see and respond to one another, and to reduce overall stress in the classroom. Capitalize on students' best intentions and remove obstacles to being their best selves.


Behaviour Needs

Many behavioural issues are impacted by students' emotional states, their sensitivity to the environment, their beliefs about themselves or the world around them, or expectations based on past experiences. All of the areas can be effectively supported through BodyTalk.


Staff Wellness

It takes a strong teacher to create a comfortable and safe environment for effective learning. BodyTalk is an excellent modality for addressing the impacts of mental or emotional stress, and supporting physical wellness and overall well-being. Through group matrix work, BodyTalk can also have an impact on school-wide staff dynamics, supporting fluid interaction and effective communication.

Sensory Needs

any students are impacted by sensory issues, use BodyTalk to balance students' over, or under-sensitivity to their environment, or to help them to more accurately percieve their environment.

Supporting Families

Sometimes issues in the classroom are impacted by issues at home. BodyTalk can help support families in reducing stress 'in the family system,' while supporting harmony and improved communication between family members.

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