Open Session BodyTalk Nights and Shared Practitioner Nights will resume online in April 2020.


Please use the contact form if you would like to join in.

Join us for an evening of exploring the possibilities of the BodyTalk System at a BodyTalk Nights.

The intention here is to provide a space for information, learning and low-cost healing support. A number of public BodyTalk sessions are offered over the course of the evening  (names drawn for sessions).  There will be some information on BodyTalk shared throughout the evening, opportunities for a little personal processing and questions, and it all ends  with a session on the whole group.


The beauty of consciousness work is that, even with the individual sessions, there will be movements for everyone in any areas of resonance... If parts of the session feel familiar to you, you will share in that person’s benefit.


We also gather for Shared Practitioner Nights where a few BodyTalk practitioners come to offer sessions for participants. 

These evenings are 'donation' events.

BodyTalk Nights