What happens in a BodyTalk Session?

Here is a quick video to explain some things you can expect in a session, where the session information comes from, and what we do with it.

This is a short distance group session.

This video offers a daily self-care practice through the

BodyTalk Access routine that strengthens the whole body and immune system, and helps build capacity to cope with stress. There is also a part with a focus on lifting some of the

load carried by the lungs.

It is a session that is open for anyone, you are welcome to share with your loved ones.

BT Online.jpg

BT Online is available now!!

BT Online is a series of group online sessions that are intended to offer economical BodyTalk support to anyone, anywhere. 

 'Starting Out' Series

(4 sessions for $45)

Session 1

In this session, we do a lot of behind the scenes foundational balancing while relaxing deeply and cracking open the idea that, "I could be feeling better than I do right now."

Session 2

Here, we continue with some foundational balancing, while we also ‘make room’ in our bodies, our minds, in how we perceive the outer world, and in our brains themselves! There is a heavy focus on opening up the breath and all 4 diaphragms in the body. Breathing is essential to the emotional processing of our life experiences.

Session 3

This is a longer and more luxurious session with lots of quiet and inner processing while preparing you to be able to ‘digest your life!’ 

(especially those parts of your life that seem impossible to digest and deal with)

Session 4

In this session, we build on the foundational balancing of the previous sessions, and simply ground ourselves to the present moment, and feed ourselves in many ways good feelings. These positive images and good feelings can help nourish the body, mind and spirit, while also moving us into that relaxed space where healing and perceiving the best around us becomes more available.


As consciousness exists outside of the limits of time and space, it is possible to conduct sessions remotely (at a distance) and with a time delay. Registered participants can watch the sessions live through Zoom meetings, or at a later time of their convenience on Vimeo.

Amazingly, the sessions still work!