What happens in a BodyTalk Session?

Here is a quick video to explain some things you can expect in a session, where the session information comes from, and what we do with it.

This is a short demonstration of a distance group session. You can use it to support yourself through a moment of stress, or use it as preparation before participating in a

 BT Online session.

BT Online is launching in January 2020!!!

Jen is offering a series of group online sessions that are intended to offer economical BodyTalk support to anyone, anywhere. 

The BT Online 'Starting Out' series  begins on Jan 31st at 2:00

(4 weekly sessions)

As consciousness exists outside of the limits of time and space, it is possible to conduct sessions remotely (at a distance) and with a time delay. Registered participants can watch the sessions live through Zoom meetings, or at a later time of their convenience on Vimeo.

Amazingly, the sessions still work!

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