Blue Dragonfly Healing Community

A home to grow yourself through gentle, kind healing support

This Blue Dragonfly Healing Community includes Taking Care of Educators, (Coming Soon) Help for the Helpers and the Blue Dragonfly Healing Group.

In our Blue Dragonfly Healing Community, Healing support is available to anyone, at anytime, at a fraction of the cost of a single in-person BodyTalk session.

In this work together, we crack open the illusions of how we live now, and open up to perceiving the possibilities of new ways of seeing and new ways of being in our experience


Blue Dragonfly Healing Group

Live sessions are conducted online

For those unable to join in live, recordings are posted in the group that can be used when convenient

At each gathering, we work on a few randomly chosen live participants who best represent the needs of the group, and we all benefit from the shifts that happen in them.


Become part of our Blue Dragon Healing Group and get unlimited access to online group sessions and a library of recorded sessions.

It is our intention to make high quality healing support available to everyone. This space attracts intuitives, sensitives, empaths, and healer types. We have a particular heart of doing this work in relationship with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people healing together.

You will find regular and low-income rates, please choose the category that fits your capacity.  

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The Crack in the Universe!



Reduced Rate for Low-Income Participants


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Regular Rate, open to all


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  • Weekly online group sessions for everyone 
  • Group online sessions available for Indigenous participants and thoughtful allies
  • Join live or watch later, the choice is yours!
  • Full access to library of BodyTalk sessions
  • Full access to BodyTalk videos and posts
  • Unlimited access to a community that supports your healing and help grow your understanding of this amazing healthcare system.

*GST will be added at check out for Canadian residents (all other countries will not be charged GST)

I am absolutely amazed by the group process. The way each session builds on the last and how everyone seems to benefit from each other's work. I continue to be awed by the wisdom of the body and how much change can come from just listening, noticing, acknowledgingvalidating. The group setting also lends itself to reducing isolation and giving one the comforting sense that there are others having similar experiences. 
Jen has an incredible gift, even a participant with no camera or mic was able to get a meaningful session! Just incredible.