BodyTalk can be applied to almost any context.  

Here are a few.

Group Sessions
Individual Sessions

Book an individual session for a physical concern, emotional issues, beliefs that keep you stuck, or for the amazing personal growth opportunities that BodyTalk offers.  



BodyTalk sessions can be conducted on your family, your team, or any group to make it more harmonious, less stressful, and remove obstacles to communicaiton.


BodyTalk offers a whole new look at 'Team Building' through group matrix consciousness work. Also, you can book a BodyTalk session with your business or organization as the client. 

Schools bring together many different people, with many different needs. BodyTalk can help with harmonizing group dynamics, supporting sensory issues, learning and behaviour issues in the classroom.  Have a look at this classroom feedback!

Distance Sessions

Can't get to a session? No practitioner nearby? Bad winter driving? BodyTalk is equally effective when conducted at a distance, as 'consciousness' is not held in physical space. This study was published in the Journal of Pain Management, and all sessions were done at a distance. Talk about a blind study!!

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