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WHY? Tapping Out Cortices?

Calm your brain in minutes, and get it efficiently working for you!

LET'S DO IT! Tapping your Cortices.

Just learning? Let’s walk you through!

BodyTalk Access Session

 A self-care practice that can be done once, or daily to build the foundations of a healthy BodyMind.

Fear or Panic BodyTalk Session

 A calming, and meditative BodyTalk session to help you come home.

Help for the Helpers

This area will hold recordings for 'Help for the Helpers' sessions.

There is also a gift session from the 'We Help Each Other' Indigenous-focused group from the 'Blue Dragonfly Healing Community', a little bit about the aims of this community and a couple of possibly helpful sessions.

Please use them however they may be helpful to you.

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"After a recent back injury flair up, I sought Jennifer’s help.  My Body Talk sessions with her often afforded near instantaneous relief and I believe aided the injury in stabilizing much quicker.  Jennifer is great at finding the root issue, and helping you move through it, so that your body may release discomfort. I would highly recommend her services!"