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...for a fabulous day of nurturing, nourishment and inner explorations. Together, Jen and Chrissy make a beautiful and rich experience, weaving the best of each of their healing modalities, and offering a gorgeous retreat day for women. 



What do past attendees have to say?


~ My experience was supported in a beautiful way.  


~ I rarely come to this place inside of myself within groups and was surprised at the immensity of what was 'unearthed' and how it travelled with me into my dreams, and allowed me to keep working with the visions I saw.


~ The most meaningful portion of the day was the body talk session.  Energetic healing has been of great interest to me this past year.  I found it to validate many of experiences that I've had recently.


~ There was something about the food that was so satisfying. I would recommend this workshop/retreat to friends and family.


~ I did not know what to expect.  The ad said there would be yoga (dreaded this due to being so out of shape), painting and Body Talk.  The day was absolutely amazing!!!!! The yoga was gentle and I was able to do most poses.  The experience of painting was uplifting and healing.  The Body Talk is always welcome. Thank you Jen and Chrissy for a wonderful healing day!  Came home and slept for thirteen hours!


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