Indigenous Perspectives

Jennifer can offer insightful commentary on issues such as Aboriginal Perspectives in Education, working with Indigenous populations, and addressing issues of Colonization for both Aborginal and non-Aboriginal audiences. She also offers public presentations on the BodyTalk System and the many, many possible contexts for this work


For those interested in learning about BodyTalk, Jennifer is actively coordinating courses in BodyTalk Access and BodyTalk Fundamentals with experienced instructors. Keep an eye on the EVENTS page for upcoming dates!



Give Jen a call with your needs and your context, and together a creative process will be developed that meets your needs and inspires along the way.


Through this incredibly effective modality, Jennifer is able to support individuals, groups, families, schools and organizations in addressing issues and obstacles through 'consciousness work' that elicits deep change.

With 10 years of experience working in schools offering Teachings, Sharing Circles, Singing and Drumming experiences, and leading 7 Teachings assemblies, Jennifer has developed excellent skills in building cultural bridges, and opening doors for educators seeking to offer Indigenous-based content. 

Through her understanding of healing processes, Jennifer offers perspective and support for one's journey in retreat. With Chrissy Sie-Merrit, Jennifer regularly offers a fantastic retreat: From the Inside Out, a healing exploration with Yoga, Art, Ceremony and BodyTalk designed just for women.




Jennifer uses a combination of modalities to create specialized supports for individuals, groups, organizations, families, classrooms or teams.

Tailored Supports

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