About Me

Hi, I’m Jen... Welcome to Energetic Explorations!

I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner who also has experience in the school system as a Student Services Teacher and an educator in Indigenous perspectives.

I have worked with healing ways for about 30 years, and am constantly mystified by the human experience... the incredible gifts that lie within us, the creative ways we help ourselves manage in this world, and the gorgeous unwinding that is possible as we come back to remember the beauty of who we are.

I bring all that I am, and the little I have learned to offer support as a 'healer-type' to people from all kinds of backgrounds. I do my best to walk with a 'heart centered' approach that listens to where you are, and for where you want to move to...

I welcome you to come in and explore this site and the offerings you will find here....

If something serves you... lovely.