The testimonials below are all real. All BodyTalk Clients come from an Indigenous background. The backgrounds of colleagues are noted, but all have worked with Jennifer in Indigenous-related or Ceremononial contexts. 


All are kept anonymous out of respect for privacy. 

Indigenous-Related Testimonials

I am diabetic. My kidney levels were at 148 (the doctor said that they were close to shutting down). Jen did 3 distance sessions over 10 days. The levels went down drastically to 64. My doctor was very surprised at the change.

~ A BodyTalk Client

My personal experience with BodyTalk has changed my life. Working with Jen has improved my anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsiveness. I feel more relaxed, happy and focused. She has always made me feel comfortable during our sessions and I'm always amazed by the results.

~ A BodyTalk Client

Jen puts her heart and soul everyday into her work. Over the 10 years Jen worked at my school and through her use of the Seven Teachings, Jen transformed the culture and climate of the school into a positive, caring and compassionate place for students, staff and families. Jen uses her talents, skills and spirituality to help individuals improve their lives. 

~ A Non-Indigenous Principal



Jennifer brings care and good-heartedness to her work with kids and families. She knows how to meet people and walk with them on a pathway of growth.


I have seen her work with many students and parents with significant needs over the years. She is able to support Aboriginal people on journeys of self-identity and healing and has been a positive force in the lives of families through both traditional and non-traditional means. She is a gifted healer, who works tirelessly for the People.


Jennifer has honoured the gifts given to her by Creator through prayer, ceremony and the Sundance.

~ A Metis Social Worker

After a few BodyTalk sessions, I mentioned difficulties my son was having; rages, depression, suspension from school. After only one distance session on him, things at home improved where we could communicate without the rages. and the darkness about him lifted. He has not had a rage event in 8 months. He is still a work in progress, but aren't we all?

~ A BodyTalk Client

Jennifer was instrumental in helping us understand why our 10 year-old Aboriginal daughter felt so uncomfortable at school. She put together the pieces of history that, although are not occurring to my daughter, certainly occurred to her Elders and Ancestors. She helped us find peace with these issues.

~ A BodyTalk Client

I worked with Jennifer for nine years in a vastly culturally diverse K–8 school. During that time I was witness to her incredible and unique ability to work with high needs students and support struggling families.  Jennifer brought an Aboriginal perspective to all that she did whether it was supporting student success, assisting teachers to bring Aboriginal education into the classroom or supporting Aboriginal families to become more connected to the school.


Jennifer worked hard to develop Aboriginal Family sharing circles that brought in thirty-five to forty people, every month to talk about things that were of concern to these families and support healing from colonization and intergenerational trauma. Becuase of her, many good, healing conversations took place.

~ A Non-Indigenous Student Services Teacher

I saw Jen sharing Songs on the Drum with kids from many cultural backgrounds, as a means to expose them to Aboriginal culture and history, She facilitated understanding across cultural groups, lowered bullying, and enhanced celebration of the uniqueness and differences that each child brought to the school.

~ A Non-Indigenous Teacher 

Jen has helped us lay the foundation to work with Aboriginal Perspectives; the Drum, Ceremony and the 7 Teachings. In my school, this had to come from a non-Aboriginal person so that we would listen, and now we are learning to listen to ourselves. Thanks Jen.

~ A First Nations Principal in a First Nations School



Holding space in the most gentle and supportive ways is just one of Jen's gifts. The healing that can happen through her way of sharing the sacred Teachings is powerful and immensely beautiful.

~ A Non-Indigenous Colleague on the Journey

Jennifer has spent a great deal of time listening, learning and understanding the First Nations peoples "traditional / spiritual way". She has gifts - healing gifts - that she has been able to use as a bridge across cultures. She has brought her gifts of healing into the Moon Lodge at Sundance ceremony which has been a wonderful healing benefit to the women. I do not hesitate in putting my faith in her hands. 

~ Indigenous Moon Lodge Carrier

Mrs. O.C. made me love myself. Through her I received my Drum and Spirit Name and learned more about my culture than from anyone else I ever met. She listened to me instead of telling me everything I did wrong, and because of having her in my life I have grown into a better woman.

~ A Former Indigenous Student

It was my privilege to be part of a large crowd where Jen was speaking about the Aboriginal perspective, and shared an experience on the Drum. What I absorbed in that experience made such an impression on me then, that even now, months later, I continue to go back frequently to those ideas and again, regain strength and hope. It is amazing how her presentation is still so clearly etched on my brain without fading! I noticed at the event that not only were the adults listening intently, but so were the children of all ages. I continue to marvel, how did she do that?

~ A Non-Indigenous Church Member 


I met Jennifer many years ago while I was on a journey of self discovery and wanted to know more about my heritage and culture. I met her again years later when she was facilitating a program for families to come and learn aboriginal perspectives and share her knowledge. I believe that her ability to share the culture is exemplified by her immense respect and dedication to the 7 teachings and what they mean in every aspect of life. I know she will be successful in all her future endeavors as she has a strong spirit and a great passion to teach.

~ An Indigenous Storyteller and Teacher to Children


Jen's experiential knowledge of Aboriginal traditions and Teachings are a gift to any group she works with. Her way of sharing these Teachings and engaging with others gives everyone a place to connect. Such an authentic and thoughtful approach is a rare combination. It gave our Family Teachings Circle a life unto it's own, creating a safe and sacred apace.

A Non-Indigenous Teacher

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