We have utilized Mrs. Oborne Crolly's healing services for our staff and have received tremendous results, especially in the area of intergenerational trauma... She has a great awarenesss of First Nations history and participates in traditional ceremonies, and this plays a huge part in connecting and understanding with our First Nations employees. Many of our team members look forward to the next time we have Jennifer out as part of our staff development initiatives.

~ Director, An Indigenous-Focussed Treatment Centre

The team building support we have received through Jennifer's Sharing Circles and BodyTalk sessions have been an incredible success for our staff, and the children we work with. There has been significant growth in  many, many areas. It has been a very powerful year in our program, and the scope of impact has been surprising.

~ Supervisor, Summer Programming Camps for Kids with Disabilities

It was my privilege to be part of a large crowd where Jen was speaking about the Aboriginal perspective, and shared an experience on the Drum. What I absorbed in that experience made such an impression on me then, that even now, months later, I continue to go back frequently to those ideas and again, regain strength and hope. It is amazing how her presentation is still so clearly etched on my brain without fading! I noticed at the event that not only were the adults listening intently, but so were the children of all ages. I continue to marvel, how did she do that?

~ A Non-Indigenous Church Member 


Jennifer worked with us to develop an inter-generational Church service honouring Earth Day and Aboriginal Teachings. She shared Teachings on Indigenous Worldview and tied them to the need respect the whole of creation, including each other, today. Everyone was engaged through the Storytelling and Drumming. 

~ A Non-Indigenous Church Minister

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The testimonials below are all real, although anonymous out of respect for others' privacy. This is a new direction for Jennifer to apply her skills... not so many testimonials as yet. 

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