The Dragonfly


Dragonfly is connected with illusion and transformation. She challenges us to look at that which we accept as 'reality' and shine light on our that we can see the same beauty and magic in ourselves, and in our reality, as in the iridescence of her wings.


Dragonfly can fly into the 'crack of the universe' and can open up cracks in our perceptions. She is a teacher who helps to shift perspective... to open up to both new ways of seeing... and to the possibility of new, and healthier, ways of being.


Through 'consciousness work',,, both in bringing about new awareness through reflections and Teachings... and in shifting the subtle obstacles to wellbeing through BodyTalk... Jennifer supports deep change in those with whom she works.


As it is our consciousness that directs all types of form and function in our Self and in our relationships...when we experience change at this level, it can be expressed in changes to our anatomy and physiology,  in our behavioural patterns, in the emotions that drive us, in our 'automatic responses' to life's offerings and challenges. and in how we interact with all that surrounds us. 






Dragonfly is a lovely guide for this work...



Both of these amazing dragonfly images have come through the artistic magic of Chrissy Sie-Merritt of South Moon Studio.


The first highlights Jennifer's 'heart centered' focus, and the many beautiful potentials that become possibilities as we engage at a consciousness level, as one does through BodyTalk. The tail is a stylized feather to honour the Teachings that have formed much of her perspective as a helper, and one who works 'for the love of life.'


The second is an expression of a woman transformed: owning herself, owning her gifts, and taking flight.


Thank-you, Chrissy for such inspiring pieces.


All other photos come from Pixabay. Thank-you to them too.

Chrissy Sie-Merritt

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